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As I sit here looking at this blank screen trying to figure out what to write you , I think I need to start by writing some topics on index cards like an old school book report.  There is so much that has happened or changed in my life since the last time I took the time to get personal with you.

So for anyone that doesn’t know me and is just checking us out for the first time, “Hi there, I am Molly”! I am obsessed with the color gray, long before 50 Shade of Gray.  Even my children have the name Gray in their name.  I love reading trashy girly books, country music, romantic movies, eating ice cream and pizza, painting, designing, decorating my home and creating memories with my family.  Things I hate to do? Leaving voicemails or calling to order food, walking in wet grass with sandals on, clutter, cleaning toilets when you live with three boys,  meatloaf and potato soup.  What is my burning desire? I would LOVE to travel the world with my family and bring along my camera for some amazing shots!



I am originally from the south from good ol’ Virginia where there is so much traffic and it’s hot enough to melt the meat right off the bone.  Yes, I am a southern girl living in a Maine world.  And you know what?  I LOVE it!  Well, I did love it till it started raining here and it won’t stop and it’s not warm enough for my cute outfits.  It’s making me question my move.  🙂  I live in the beautiful town of Naples, ME where my family and I spend our summers eating pizza and getting ice cream right on the Causeway.  We enjoy long beach trips to Popham Beach and spending time together on Sundays traveling Maine.  I am a mom of two handsome little boys who drive me crazy, make me pull out my hair, destroy the house with all their toys, and know how to give me the best little hugs, kisses and snuggles around to make it all the above worth it.  My oldest Adyn loves to play baseball and practice karate.  We spend most of our week getting him to and from practice.  Noah, although our littlest, is a beast! He talks constantly, loves MILK–I need to buy a cow and his older brother is his hero.  Whatever Adyn does, Noah does.  I have been married to my husband Benn for almost 8 years, although we have been together for 14 years. He is my best friend, my guy I go to for business advice, my personal chef, my shoulder to cry on when I just need a break, my builder of all projects and my go to guy for hanging a straight picture.


Punta Cana – first destination wedding of 2016

Krispy Kreme with these little hams.


Punta Cana, second destination wedding in 2016


Are they not the cutest monsters ever?

My heart!

Baseball Star #1

Baseball Star #2

So now that you know a little about my beautiful family, I figured I would tell you what we were up to during our somewhat downtime this winter.  My husband actually builds ice rinks across the country and this past winter I helped him run the rink at Thompson’s Point.  I spent almost everyday down there managing the rink alongside others, doing tv interviews and shoveling so much freakin snow…OMG the snow!!  At one point we had snow that was over my head.  Say what?  While all of this was going on, my husband and his company spent two months in Boston building the ice rink for Frozen Fenway.  With running the rink here in Portland, I didn’t get to take the kids down as much as I would have liked but when I got the chance we had an amazing time.  We created a lot of memories there and I am so glad I could capture it.


Told ya the snow was deep!


See, I can’t make this up!

Holy cuteness!

Noah’s first time on ice, 2017

Frozen Fenway 2017 – The biggest Monster they will ever meet!

Frozen Fenway 2017 – The biggest Monster they will ever meet!

Frozen Fenway 2017 – The biggest Monster they will ever meet!

Frozen Fenway 2017 – The biggest Monster they will ever meet! Taking it all in.

So now that winter is over…maybe…who is ready for some long awaited summer time fun??  You can find me all summer at our office in Raymond, photographing all of our beautiful couples and families, spending time with my family or on the beach.  So if you are in town, stop on by.  We love visitors!  Thanks for stopping by and reading my Friday Introduction!




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